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Register as an NCTD Team

When you pass the NCTD evaluation, you may register as an NCTD Volunteer Team immediately if you bring your completed veterinary form (the NCTD Health Status Report) with you. You will receive an acceptance letter and an ID photo will be taken. 

Please see the Costs and Fees page for further information, including reduced fees for some situations and registering with additional pets.

If you do not have your veterinary form, you will be given the address to send it to.  When we receive everything, you will be added to our volunteer roster and to our E-mail mailing list.  NCTD volunteers enjoy access to additional sections of the NCTD website, the ability to purchase NCTD gear, and special members-only events.

We communicate with our volunteers through a combination of group e-mail messages, web site information, and our e-newsletter.

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