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The Mentoring Process

Once you select a facility, you will be assigned a mentor who will help you get on board and begin visiting with your pet partner. Generally, the process works like this:

Pre-Visit One or More NCTD Facilities

Arrange a date and time with your NCTD mentor when you can observe a visit at one or more of facilities in our Facility Directory.  Pre-visits are done without your animal teammate.  A pre-visit allows you to get familiar with the facility, as well as to address any additional facility-specific requirements (i.e. proof of a negative TB test, orientation through the volunteer office, facility ID, copy of animal's health forms).  A pre-visit also provides an opportunity for you to ask questions of your mentor.

With NCTD's variety of facilities, feel free to pre-visit as many facilities as you wish to find the facility that best suits your team's needs.  We recommend you start by visiting with your animal at only one facility and expand from there.

Your First Team Visit

Your first official visit at a facility will be one where you shadow and observe your mentor with her/his pet partner.  On the next visit, your mentor will leave her/his animal at home and observe you on a visit with your animal.  Your mentor can provide valuable feedback!  If needed or requested, your mentor can observe you for additional visits.

Congratulations! It has been a lot of work for you and your animal partner, but you are now ready to start visiting on a regular basis.

Regular NCTD Visits

As an NCTD Volunteer, you are responsible for abiding by all NCTD policies and procedures. Also, in order to maintain an active volunteer status, you should:

    1. Attend at least one NCTD Open Floor event or other approved training opportunity every calendar year.
    2. Maintain your NCTD registration. Re-registration is required every three years.
    3. Volunteer at one NCTD event each year.
    4. Have your Facility Performance Review Forms completed annually.
    5. Check your E-mail and the NCTD web site regularly for important information.

Have fun visiting!

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