National Capital Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dog Training Class

This class is for potential volunteers and their pets who would like to prepare for therapy work.

Class Goals:

    • Get to know more about NCTD.
    • Meet other NCTD volunteers, and learn from their visiting experiences.
    • Become prepared for therapy visits.
    • Get your pet exposed to hospital equipment.
    • Improve control and communication with your pet.
    • Practice team reaction to distractions.
    • Practice with successful therapy animals.
    • ... and much more!


    • Dog must be at least 9 months old at start of class.
    • A copy of a current rabies vaccination must be provided by the first day of class.
    • Dogs must currently have reliable basic obedience skills:
        • Sit, Down, Stay on command
        • Walk on loose leash (no pulling handler, or dragging behind)
    • Dogs must have passed the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test sponsored by the American Kennel Club.
    • In some instances, we may be able to evaluate dogs for their CGC on the first day of class. If a dog does not pass the CGC evaluation, course costs will be refunded.
    • Requests for the CGC evaluation must be made in advance.

Attendance Requirement:

    • Teams must attend 5 out of 6 classes to be eligible for evaluation.
    • The sixth class is generally a "mall visit" to practice visiting skills in a public setting.
    • Please do not sign up for a set of classes if you cannot commit to the schedule

The 6th class (mall visit) may be a different day, time, and location from the other classes.

Please direct any questions to the Director of Training on our Leadership Team.

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