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Therapy Team Evaluation

After training, NCTD will perform an evaluation to determine if you and your animal are ready to starting visiting. Note that this is a different event from your training classes and you must register in advance for an evaluation.

Team evaluations are performed by NCTD Team Evaluators. Your evaluator will be looking for reliable and predictable volunteer teams who will inspire confidence in clients.

In the evaluation, you and your animal will demonstrate that you are able to work as team, that your animal is under control, and that you and your animal are friendly and relate well to the role players and evaluator. All of these skills are described and practiced during the NCTD training classes.

You can find evaluation dates and locations on the Calendar of Events. Early registration is appreciated as the evaluation slots often fill up months in advance. 

Pricing and policies for therapy team evaluation can be found on the Costs and Fees page.


What to Bring:

    • A copy of the animal's current rabies certificate (a rabies tag is not acceptable).
    • Animal's brush.
    • If you are not the animal's owner, a note from the owner giving you permission to evaluate and work with the animal is required.
    • Animal treat (if animal has special dietary needs).
    • Towel (for small animal tests).
    • Your animal must be on an acceptable collar/lead at all times.
    • You will be required to sign an indemnity form when you come to the evaluation site.

Additional Notes:

    • The Evaluation begins when you arrive on the premises and stops when you leave.
    • The person who will work with the animal must accompany it during the evaluation.
    • The evaluation may be stopped or cancelled if the volunteer or animal appears to be too stressed or if they behave inappropriately during the evaluation or on the premises.
    • The use of prong, pinch, and choke collars is prohibited.
    • No Flexi leashes or chain leads are allowed.
    • Dogs, cats and birds must be at least one year of age (please inquire about rabbits).
    • The team (Volunteer/Pet) should present themselves as if they were going on a therapy visit.
    • Pets must be restrained by leash, harness, carrier, or other appropriate manner at all times, including birds.
    • If your pet is in season, on antibiotics, or otherwise doesn't feel its best, have your pet evaluated another day (and please notify NCTD if unable to attend at last minute due to the above reasons).
    • A pet will not be evaluated more than once in the same day if it is unable to complete the evaluation as specified.
    • NO inhumane treatment of pets will be allowed.
    • The evaluation facilities are accessible for those who have disabilities.
    • Rescheduled evaluations will be given if the volunteer or animal is ill, or if the animal is in season (documentation required).
    • No refunds will be given for teams that do not pass the evaluation.

Teams that pass the team evaluation and wish to work with NCTD will be assigned a mentor as part of NCTD's mentor program.

Whenever you're ready, you can find evaluation dates and register online through the NCTD Calendar.

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