National Capital Therapy Dogs

Your NCTD "Uniform"

When you visit on behalf of NCTD, you must have an acceptable collar and leash for your animal, as well as the "NCTD Photo ID", which you will receive after you pass the team evaluation. 

There are two choices for the animal's uniform:

    • An NCTD vest, which can be purchased at cost through NCTD; or
    • A standard green harness, available at most pet stores
NCTD also asks that handlers purchase a shirt with the NCTD logo through Land’s End. (We will give you the needed ordering information when you pass your team evaluation.)  While not required, NCTD attire helps us maintain a professional image. Otherwise, be neat, clean, and comfortable.

Please note that in some cases, an individual facility may have their own specific dress requirements.   Many require that we wear a shirt with the NCTD logo.  Others may have general restrictions such as no jeans or shorts.  So be sure to ask about it when applying to a facility.

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