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Due to COVID-19, most facilities are closed to NCTD therapy dog visits, but we are scheduling training classes, virtual workshops, and in-person meet-and-greets as we prepare to resume visits this spring. As always, we will continue to focus on the safety of our clients and volunteers.

NCTD requests that all volunteers and participants in NCTD sponsored activities who are medically able receive a COVID vaccine prior to taking part in any therapy team visit, indoor class, open floor, evaluation or other event. The current CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing should be followed by attendees at all NCTD events being held indoors or outdoors.

NCTD Facilities

Bring NCTD to Your Facility

NCTD is always willing to consider new facilities, provided they are suitable and we have the volunteers available. Unfortunately we are only able to add a small number of facilities each year. Facilities should have suitable physical conditions for animal visits and must be willing to provide adequate support and supervision for our teams.

If you are interested, please complete the Facility Application form on our Online Forms page. We would then normally arrange to visit your facility and discuss your requirements before submitting your application to our Board of Directors for approval. If you have additional questions, please see our NCTD FAQs page, or visit the Leadership Team page to contact the NCTD Director of Facilities or the Regional Director in your area for further information.

Where We Visit - Facility Directory

NCTD currently visits more than 70 facilities throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, Baltimore area, Southern Virginia, and the Delmarva Peninsula. Examples of facilities where we visit include the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Bayhealth Hospitals, Johns Hopkins Hospital and other major area hospitals as well as rehabilitation centers for adults and children, nursing homes, assisted living and hospice facilities, schools, public libraries, and special needs programs.

The facility directory below lists all the locations that NCTD is currently visiting. Facilities may be sorted by region, type, and visiting times.

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